hello kind people

do you have a minute to talk about jesus ?

I couldn’t help but noticed that this blog gained a lot of followers recently even if it’s not active anymore. Therefore, for all of you who might not know, you can now find my new personal blog here and my picspam blog made with my boyfriend here.

virtual hug everyone, have a lovely evening/day !

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made a picspam blog with my boyfriend (:

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I’ve moved !

I’ve noticed that I gained followers on here those last few days - so let me notify you all that I won’t be posting on this blog again, welcome here ! there’ll be free cookies and virtual hugs for EVERYONE ♥

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sorry for the spam

but I got a few followers in the last day, which is weird cause the last posts on my blog are about how I’ve moved, you can now find me here as I won’t post on daylightdoe anymore :)

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i've moved guys !

i've moved, you can now find me at yewnorkcity :)

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I am trying to follow you and it’s showing an error message :/ your follow button don’t appear =/
yeah I know, I’ve been working on it for hours but it simply appears in the fourth post (go figure) so I’m looking for a new theme to fix that, but hey thanks :D ♥
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changing blogs

my lovelies, it’s been wonderful blogging on here with you all (titanic musicians style) - and I thank all of you for sticking with me, you plainly rock. Still, I felt like it was time for me to move, because I was getting kind of bored with my daylightdoe, not really knowing what to do and not actually enjoying it anymore. So, I’ve moved. I’m still not sure if I’ll delete this blog or let it around for now, but anyway, I’m starting all over and if you’re more than welcome to join me here : yewnorkcity.tumblr.com

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the literal best thing i’ve ever heard in my entire life

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